We’re not aholes.
Our agency was born of friendship and confidence in each other.
It’s worked out well. Clients like working with us; employees like working for us.
Our Politics
No “Chiefs” Here, Chief
Everybody here is a master of his or her craft. We trust our employees to do what they do best. Interns, designers, developers, CTOs, and Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers are all equally important in their roles. We work on a level playing field where there are no bad ideas, no stupid questions and no turf to be defended.
Below are some of the major players in the LEMONADE world.
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Our Creative
Handsome, Functional Design

Beauty and Functionality aren’t mutually exclusive. Melding them is more challenging, but having to choose one over the other is an unacceptable sacrifice.

If you haven’t seen it, yet, view our handiwork here.

Our Video

Not every story has a beginning, middle and end. But, like most good 80s motion pictures, they assuredly have a decent montage.


Our Instagram
Cultivating Culture
No selfies of greenbean casseroles and duck-faces here. We’re usually out-and-about, Lo-Fi-ing our adventures.