Meet Jessica — a mother, a wife, a creator of wellness. This lovely lady, whom some of her dear friends nicked named ‘mamma’, has a motherly side intertwined with Mother Earth…

It’s been said that Denver is a thriving city for new entrepreneurs, what seems to matter most to this cozy town is a sense of giving back to what got us here in the first place – nature. You’d notice this fact if you’ve stepped into any number of restaurants around here – The bar top over there is actually wood from an old bowling alley that no longer exists down the street. That floor in the dining area is refurbished gymnasium flooring from the high school on that corner.


While this may not be totally unique to Denver, if you dig a little deeper into this city’s moving-parts [The Community] you’ll find an even more intense heart behind Giving Back to Mumsie Earth. It seems to present itself mostly in the local craft makers – which brings us to Jessica, of Native Nectar Botanicals.

We’ll presume you’ve now seen that smiley face of hers above.

That’s her in a nutshell.

So, how did she acquire the nickname “mamma?” Well, the woman pretty much takes care of everyone in some quiet way or another. You can’t help but feel a sense of calm when you’re near her. What a wonderful feeling, right? And she cares the same for you as she does mother earth. You could attribute that to her Native American heritage, perhaps, but the love you feel around her makes it no surprise that she’s made a company of healing the body through natural herbs.


“Native Nectar Botanicals was created out of a deep love for nature and our herbal allies.”


Jess at Work

So, where did she come from?

At some point, a few years ago, a few friends were hanging out in her house discussing ourailments – Someone had a cold, someone was feeling anxious, someone was having a mild dry-skin rash, someone couldn’t sleep, the list goes on. Pregnant at the time, Jessica had been concocting a handful of natural herbal supplements using her education as a Clinical Herbalist. She freely handed over tiny bottles of these herbal remedies, describing to each of us what they do, and how to use them. “Let me know if you need more!”

Cut to a handful of months, a baby, and a logo design later: She suddenly had shiny, new bottles, labels, and what would be her first product line.



Today she’s making major moves and growing her products, branching out from her original line of tinctures to anything else you could use to soothe the soul: Salt Soaks for your bath, a skincare line with oils and salt scrubs, Aromatherapy oils for the home [or work on those stressful days] and more. If you don’t know where to start, she’s got ya covered with her special and specifically thought-out kits – which are great for gifts too! Also, as I understand it, she’s gotten her product into a handful of local stores, as well as the more well known Urban Outfitters.

While it may seem like she came out of nowhere, she’s been busting her buns formulating each individual product to perfection. While we’re out playing, she’s home, with her adorable son, Liam and supportive husband, Sean, pouring her heart and soul into those little bottles and jars. And every time I take a little bit of my stress relief or deep sleep tinctures, not only do I actually feel less stressed, or ready for a good night’s sleep, but I feel proud to support her growing business. Her products have become part of my routine, and I feel [and smell] better because of it.

Hard to argue with that. Thanks, mamma Jess!


Wanna see how she does it all with some fun behind-the-scenes action? Then check out her FaceySpace page here:


More info, check out her site:

The Mamma herself

The Mamma herself