Sure, A-Basin’s ‘beach’ is technically the entire parking lot. That said, the spots that butt up against the slopes are where the party’s at. Grills, lawn furniture, pop-up tents, kegs, campers — you name it. Who’d’ve thought you’d find a Beach Party at 11-thousand miles above sea level?

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There are a few rules. The party ends at 6pm. No open flames. No live music or DJ’s (actually, this isn’t a rule. You just need to get permission, first). That said, if you’re looking to dive into some authentic Colorado Culture while you’re here — or if you live here — then the Beach at A-Bay is a must-see.

tssp 2008 020Unlike the Olden Days, you’ll likely need to make a reservation to get a sweet-ass Beach Spot. As we mentioned, the whole parking lot is there for your tailgating pleasure; that said, if you want to set up something more ‘permanent’ (example: a hot tub), make sure you get front-row parking. The Beach usually stays open until April-May — make sure you throw on some fun/funky/crazy Ski Garb and head over. Maybe you’ll see us there. In our hot tub.