If you’ve never heard of In-N-Out, chances are you have a] never visited the West coast, 2] your sniffer is broken, d] you dislike fresh-cut fries, or h] you don’t eat meat. The first order of business a meat-eater does when landing in the palm-riddled soil of California is ask, “Where’s the nearest In-N-Out”. Is there any chance, then, of the chain hitting Denver?


In-N-Out probably has crack in it. If it doesn’t, I would be very surprised. It becomes “a problem” if you’re not careful. When LEMONĀDE heads to LA for work we tend to eat In-N-Out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yeah. And, you never get sick of it. You just get sick of yourself.

The place is famous for a few things. Obviously the burgers, of course. The freshest fries you’ve ever had would be next. But, a lot of people don’t know that the band Neon Trees chose their name based off the neon palm trees inside the restaurant. Oh, and each cup has a bible verse under it. Speaking of hidden stuff, they also have a “secret menu” that you would only know about if you’ve been around other “addicts”. One favorite on that menu is making your burger “animal style” – which includes extra Thousand Island spread, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles.


I was wondering if they’d ever bring their tasty treats out here to Denver, and found out an interesting fact. It’s not that they wouldn’t want to fatten up everyone in Denver. They’re not prideful of their state, either, wanting to just stay on the west coast. It turns out that they really won’t open a store more than 700 miles away from the distribution center. Well, then, why not just open up a distribution center here?!


There IS a website out there that used to overnight a burger to you for $50+ bucks. But, that just feels wrong somehow. I guess we’ll have to fly to California to get our yum yums.